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Health, Safety, & Wellness

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Health, Safety & Wellness

The Orange PTA Health, Safety & Wellness Committee is a collaboration of parents, school and community members who are committed to promoting the welfare of children and youth in the home, school and community. We…

  • Organize and/or support educational forums and programs that specifically address Health & Safety issues/concerns in our schools and the community.
  • Increase communication through parent programs and topical speakers
  • Organize and facilitate health and wellness programs at the schools with the help of volunteer staff and parents.


Events & Programs

Past PTA-sponsored programs have included:

  • guest speaker, New York Times best-selling author, podcast host and internationally renowned thought leader in mental health, Dr. Lisa Damour, speaking on the topic of “Raising Compassionate, Capable & Connected Kids”
  • a screening of the movie “Angst” followed by a panel discussion to raise awareness about anxiety and how it affects so many people of all ages
  • a presentation by the Allison Rose Foundation on the topic of education, awareness, research and advocacy for food allergies

Click to view a Mental Health Support Resources Hand-Out

Upcoming Events

For 4th and 5th Graders

MHS Run Club

THANK YOU to all 4th & 5th grade students that participated in our Fall session of Run Club. This year, we had our biggest turnout yet with nearly 60 members!! The PTA Health and Safety Committee’s Run Club will be back in the Spring. 

When: Friday mornings • 7:50am – 8:30am

Dates to be determined! 


Run Club is a PTA-sponsored program run by volunteer teachers, staff & parents.
The club is FREE to all PTA members. Not a member yet? Join today!

Dr. Lisa Damour speaking event
Thursday, November 9 @ 7 pm
Brady Middle School

Orange High School and Elementary & Middle PTAs, in partnership with Friends of the Orange Library, was proud to host a speaking event on Thursday, November 9 featuring New York Times best-selling author, podcast host and internationally renowned thought leader in mental health, Dr. Lisa Damour


Dr. Lisa Damour | speaking event for Orange district parents/caregivers

Calm Corners at Moreland Hills School

MHE Calm Corner logo

Every classroom in Moreland Hills School has a Calm Corner

What’s a Calm Corner? A Calm Corner is an area where anyone in the class can go to feel calm or settled.  Schools throughout the country are using Calm Corners with positive results. Many teachers see Calm Corners as a way to help students tune in to feeling and behavior triggers; to take responsibility for their own behavior; and to foster a supportive and composed classroom culture.


Calm Corners can contribute to kids building the important trait of self-efficacy, which is developed when they see that their own actions can lead to real results. Students who regularly use Calm Corners as a positive space can strengthen mindfulness and resilience. And, Calm Corners aren’t just for school – many families in our district are creating space for them at home.


For more information, download our Calm Corner Parent Information Sheet.

Competencies at Brady Middle School

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Focus on Competencies

Last year, Brady staff identified 9 Competencies they deemed essential for students to develop before leaving Brady Middle School to embark on their high school career. They are: Grow, Connect, Persevere, Succeed, Think, Present, Lead, Serve, and Practice Digital Responsibility. Brady Middle School is providing opportunities for students to develop these competencies throughout the school year, with a special emphasis on one Competency each month.

Read more about all 9 Competencies

Health, Safety & Wellness Chairs 2023-2024

Jessica O’Neill
Sam Licker