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OIP Screening Information

OIP Screening Information

What is screening:

Prospective students must first participate in a screening session. These screenings are throughout each school year. Screenings give the Preschool staff and parents’ important information about each child. The DIAL4 is used as a screening tool. The DIAL provides developmental information on each child in the area of academics (basic knowledge) fine and gross motor and speech and language development.  This information is used to gauge development levels, determine acceptance into the program or to identify areas that need additional support.

Screenings take place throughout the school year. Please call 216-831-8600 x5605 to schedule your appointment. Children must be 3 to participate. A screening for our children turning 3 during the summer months will be held in the April/May.

What is the purpose:

Screening is a tool the Orange Inclusive Preschool uses to find children in the OCSD who may need specialized assistance to be successful in preschool. These children may have delayed speech and language skills, delayed fine / gross motor skills and/or social, emotional and behavioral problems.

The screening also helps the staff identify children who might be great classmates for the children who have special needs. These children must have good speech and language skills, good motor skills, good play skills and must be toilet trained before they begin preschool at age 3.

What will my child do during the screening?

Your child will visit “stations” during the screening. Each station evaluates the following areas of development using a screening tool that focus on the area of:

  • Cognition

  • Language

  • Fine Motor

  • Gross Motor

  • Vision/Hearing

What happens after screening?

Parents will receive a report providing them information on how their child did during the screening process. It will include developmental information, any areas of concern and the results of the vision and hearing screening.

Fine Motor:

Your child will draw with markers, copy shapes, build with blocks and cut with scissors as a few of the tasks to evaluate the development of small muscles and eye-hand coordination.

Gross Motor: 

Walking, jumping, throwing, and catching a ball are activities your child will do to help our team access your child’s large muscle (gross motor) skills and coordination (motor planning).

Speech and Language:

The Speech and Language Pathologist will engage in a variety of activities to engage your child to screen communication development including speech sounds, language comprehension, and verbal language skills.


At this station, your child will play some thinking games so that staff can screen for difficulties in attention following directions, concept-knowledge and processing skills.


Vision and Hearing:

Your child’s vision and hearing will be screened by our school nurse. The results of this screening will be included in your child’s screening report.


Social Skills and Self-Help Skills:

You will provide the screening team information about these areas by completing the parent questionnaire. 


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