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Benefits of a Music Education

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Numerous research studies show that a music education has a positive affect on student achievement and personal development.

  • Music equips students with the foundational skills to learn. It cultivates critical thinking skills, prepares the brain for achievement and fosters superior working memory and vocabulary.
  • Music education bolsters student engagement and achievement in other academic subjects. For example, studies show that it advances math achievement and boosts proficiency in reading and second languages.
  • Music develops the abilities for lifelong success. It sharpens attentiveness, strengthens perseverance and supports self-esteem.

There are many benefits to a music education which is why......An Excellent Education Includes the Arts.


For more details, please use the link below to read  "Music Matters: How Music Education Helps Students Learn, Achieve and Succeed."   This research paper was created in May, 2018.

Music matters