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Registration Questions

Registration Questions

Where can I find the registration forms?
Registration forms are online at FinalForms.

Please Select the above link in order to register your child for the school year. If you do not have home computer access, please contact Joanne Matousek at 216.831.8600, ext. 6600.

Why do you need a copy of my lease?
In an effort to maintain student databases, all leaseholders are required to provide an updated lease/rental agreement upon registering to the schools. You will be asked to provide an updated lease upon expiration (on a yearly basis).

May I pay tuition for my child to go to Orange?
No, the Orange School District does not accept tuition students, you must be a resident of the district.

May my child shadow another student / visit (at length) a classroom?
Shadowing is allowed at Orange High School IF the parent meets with a counselor ahead of time, develops a schedule/plan, and the principal signs off on it.