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BMS Technology

Virtual Learning Updates


Where can I find links and important information my child needs?

Check out the student homepage! You will find links at the top for programs and digital resources that the students use quite frequently. We will also begin posting announcements and other information here soon. Stay tuned.


Chromebook not functioning or can’t remember your password?

More information, and directions to put in a repair requests, can be found on this webpage.


Curious about Zoom? 

Here is what it looks like from a student perspective. Zoom on Student Chromebooks. Likewise, the Zoom Chromebook app is on all Chromebooks. It is in the Dock at the bottom of the screen. We encourage students to use their school Chromebooks only to do their video conferences.


Chromebook not cooperating?! Try these steps!

1. Double check your schedule. Often, students believe it is a tech issue when they really are trying to get into the wrong class!

2. Updating Student Chrome OS Video Tutorial.  (or use THESE written directions)

3. Clearing Cache Video Tutorial - make sure the drop down says “ALL TIME!!  (or use THESE written directions)

Clear browsing data instructions

4. Restart computer

Can I log into a personal email account on my school issued Chromebook??

No. Please don’t! Students should only use their school accounts for school work. Students should always be logged in to their school accounts when doing school work. Never use your school Google account for personal online communication.


We are all in this together!!


We are working diligently to get all our current and new online services and tech tools up and running. Please be patient if you encounter a school online service or tool that is not working yet.


Helpful Resources:


The Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students


Chromebook Quick Start Guide for Students


Google Tech Toolkit for Students + Families


The Kami Handbook and Kami + Google Classroom Directions


How to Properly Email a Teacher



BMS Technology

Initially launched at the start of the 2013-14 school year, placing technology in the hands of each Brady student has helped to transform the educational landscape. Some highlights include:

  • Students are able to access learning resources anytime, anywhere.

  • Teachers are able to provide differentiated materials based on individual student’s needs.

  • Increased opportunities for student/teacher/parent collaboration and communication.

  • Students are more organized and better able to keep track of homework and learning material


Within the first few weeks of school, students will be issued a Chromebook, provided the student and a parent/guardian review and agree to the policies contained in the letter sent to parents each August. On a daily basis, students will pick up their device from a designated classroom, be responsible for its use and care, and return it to the same location at dismissal. Students will not be permitted to remove the laptops from school.

Mrs Jenna Drozd

Mrs. Jenna Drozd

Technology Integration Specialist 


Ms. Betsey Lee

Ms. Betsey Lee

Technology Integration Specialist 

Chromebook Information for Parents

What does it mean to be 1:1?

Each student in grades six through eight will be issued a Chromebook during the first month of school. Students will use this device for the remainder of the school year in all of their academic courses. They are responsible for the general care of the device and are expected to bring it to their classes as they would any other school supply.

What IS a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop device that, through the Google Chrome operating system, allows students to access such tools as internet browsing and web-based word processing. Because the Google platform is web-based, it allows students to access school materials from anywhere, simply by logging into their school-issued Gmail account. Chromebooks are small in size, as well as durable, so perfect for a student to utilize during the school day

Why does my child “need” a computer or device at school?

Today’s students learn in a variety of ways, and utilizing Chromebooks in the classroom allows teachers to provide students with a personalized learning experience that is engaging and meets their needs as 21st century learners. Chromebooks provide students with a multitude of resources for learning that extend beyond the classroom. Plus, with the addition of Google for Education, students are able to collaborate with peers on presentations and projects, and interact with teachers through the use of Google Docs.

Are there fees?

To help protect the District’s substantial investment, starting with the 2016-17 school year, each student participating in the Chromebook initiative will be charged a $40 yearly fee to cover the costs of an accidental protection and damage program. For more information, please view the letter linked below.

What happens if the Chromebook is damaged?

During study hall time, the student would bring their computer to Mr. Miller, Mrs. Drozd or Ms. Lee to determine next steps. If repairs are needed, the student will be provided with a loaner computer while theirs is out for repair.

Important Links

District-Wide Chromebook Information

Procedures, Rules, and Expectations for Students

Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement