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Grants for Education




Funding materials, projects, and experiences to support Orange High School Students

The Grants for Education Program supports student development by funding materials, projects, and experiences extending beyond those of Orange Public Schools.

The committee is comprised of parent volunteers who meet each grant review period to solicit grant applications, determine approval and distribute funds to grant recipients.

The purpose of the Orange High School PTA is to support the welfare of the students and staff of Orange High School.  Our motto is: “Working To Make Every Child's Potential A Reality”.  All grants should support one or more of the PTA’s goals of giving students the confidence to succeed, encouraging creativity, or emphasizing character importance.

Thanks to the generous support of the Orange High School PTA community, the Grants for Education program has been included in the budget for the 2022-23 school year. We appreciate the opportunity to enhance the learning environment for OHS students and hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and submit your PTA Educational Grant Application.



  • Standing desks for the English Department

  • The creation of a new Writing Center 

  • Improvements to the Spirit Wear store

  • Cricut Maker for the Library

  • Zoom H4N Handy Recorders for the Music Department

  • Calculators for Guidance

  • Native Author Speaker Intersession for English Class

  • Commercial Shredder for Special Education/Transition Program

  • Epoxy Resin for Shop Students

  • Board Games for students to play during Lunch & Study Hall

  • Art in Resistance - Inspirational speaker who Introduced Video Production & ‘How to create them’ workshop for the Biology Students

  • Lokai bracelets to help with stress management

  • Microscope lens and eyepiece adapters for smartphones

  • Spanish Games

  • Podcasting Microphones

  • VersaStudio BT-12 Garment Printer for the Art Department

  • Suzuki Instrument Alto 37 key Melodica & Accessories

  • AeroGarden & Accessories

  • Materials needed to make Vocational Task Boxes

  • Bart Skeleton & Goniometers for Health and PE Classes (Intro to Sports Medicine, Advanced Sports Medicine, Personal Fitness, Personal Health, and Strength and Conditioning)

  • Specialty DVD resource for teaching Spanish Grammer and Two sets of Spanish Signs: One focusing on directional phrases and the other revolutionary Spanish-speaking women from history



The Grant Program is a perfect opportunity for you to request specific material(s) that might enhance the students’ learning experiences or ask for an item that you may need for your classroom. As in the past years, all grant requests will go through a review/approval process. The informational link below provides the parameters around what materials qualify for the Grant Program.  

The grant application process is relatively simple and remains consistent from last year; please fill out the electronic application link listed below to apply: 

We respectfully request that any staff member who wishes to apply for a grant also be an Orange High School PTA member.  Here is the link to join if you have not already done so.




2022-23 Program Chair(s)

Lisa Friedman (

Melissa Bilsky (