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Moreland Hills School Sensory Paths: DECALS

Hopscotch in the hallways? Handprints on the walls? Tree formations inside? Marching ants?! Yes! And it's all part of a new MHS program this year called "Sensory Paths." Children love to move and often need a break from sitting for long periods of time. So with the help of the PTA, Head Custodian Mike Duffy, assistance from the administration, and so many others, Guidance Counselors Lidia Frabotta and Tina Raleigh set in motion the Fit and Fun Playscapes' Sensory Path program with guided movements for students (and staff!) to follow. From Tip Toe Loop to the Stepping Stones and many others, students and staff have found tremendous benefits... from increasing their energy when feeling unmotivated or "stuck" in a situation to helping to calm themselves when feeling excessive energy, or are overwhelmed or stressed. Learn all about it and see the students, staff, and paths in action as we proudly present "MHS Sensory Paths!"